Monday, January 29, 2007

My Brain is in Pieces

I was looking for a photograph to illustrate what my brain feels like. That is the best that I could do without my brain actually exploding.

The pain comes and goes with some nausea. It feels like my head has been split and a cool breeze wafts in upon my exposed brain.

This is a result of the air in this fine city. It is thick today. It has been for a few days.

Is it time to head for the clean air of Horsefly?



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My Story

My photo

I got my first camera, a Canon Ft QL, in 1974. It was supplemented by a Canon F1 in 1976 so that I could have a camera for black and white and one for colour. 

I still have those beauties but now they have eased into retirement. They relax on my shelf beside many other old beauties.

Now I use a Canon 5D MK II. How convenient to use one camera for both colour and black and white.